Hello, my name is Beata...
& I have a dream... 
I want everybody to be healthy, hopeful and joyful. 

I’m a woman, a mom, a coach, and a manager, but I’m also a food lover and a passionate cook. I love cooking, and ever since I could remember, my mom’s kitchen was my playground. 

I love creating new recipes and I love fusion cooking – most of the time I don’t even know what I am cooking for dinner until ‘it cooks itself’ in some kind of a fun flow.  

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their potential, and I love to see the spark in their eye when they realize they are empowered to make a transition or to make a step in the right direction.  
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".
~Lao Tzu
Why Am I So Passionate About Veganizing life?
My 3 Year old daughter who is my entire world had been diagnosed with asthma. She was put on multiple medications including steroids. She constantly couldn't breathe, was choking , coughing, couldn't sleep. I had not slept a single night since she was born as she was constantly suffering/crying. I was exhausted and left feeling hopeless and lonely as a single mom. 

I went to see 27 doctors that had no solution to the problem until I tried an alternative medicine center where I found out that she was allergic and intolerant to basically everything I was feeding her. We had to quit all dairy, eggs. gluten, wheat, processed sugars.. In order for this to work I had to join her to support the transition. On our way to my daughters health - she recovered completely- I had cured myself from minor health problems and lost 10kg/22 pounds effortlessly along the way. I had quit eating meat and other animal product.

 I've never felt and had more energy than now. 

I am totally convinced that transitioning to a plant based diet has numerous benefits and is the right way to go. There are many scientific and medical studies that prove health benefits of this life style to a person's health. Knowing that my way of living is good for our Planet and the animals is a nice benefit of course. I'm dedicated to making people go more plant based, or just eating more fruits and vegetables. Every choice matters and we vote with our forks. 

Small changes make a huge impact. I want health, hope and joy for all people!

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But It's Not Just Me Getting The Vegan Life Results...
Dennise Guzman Leon
Body-Mind Coach, Psychologist, Artist
"I met Beata like six years ago. The first impression she made on me was of a super healthy person, so fit, so powerful, with so much energy and positivity. I was surprised she had so much energy all day long. She only ate vegetables, drank juices and always said no to gluten, milk, or processed food. 

At that time in our city, there weren't many popular places with this type of food, so it was not so easy I guess to maintain this type of diet, but she was always prepared, even when we traveled for long-term workshops, she always had her own food (fruits and vegetables, mostly raw food).

I admired her for her commitment and passion for a healthy way of living, including food and sports, and her attitude. It is amazing the way she works and empowers people around her. She is like a sun shining 24h. 

She is an inspiration of healthy living, juicy living and power - in terms of energy all day long. I totally recommend her book, workshops, and treatments."
Magdalena Korbel
Teacher & Mom
"Beata has been a constant source of inspiration to me. When she enters the kitchen she becames a queen of creativity and brilliant ingredient combinations. I enjoy every meal she prepares till the last bite. The best thing about her recipies is that they are quick and easy. Thanks to her, I realized that healthy eating is simple. It just requires different products.

Her knowledge of healthy lifestyle is impressive and does not only limit to theory. She is a living proof that eating healthy and living healthy reduces pain, negative emotions and leads to a happy, fulfilling life."
Joanna Borer
Actress and a mom
"I have known my friend Beata since the beginning of kindergarten of our daughters, so over 8 years now! 

 Our daughters became best friends, and we also got to like each other very much. Even though our girls are in separate schools, and life around us is keeping both of us very busy we still stay in touch and I know that I can always count on her, I can trust her, share my secrets, ask for advice. 
Most importantly I appreciate that she devoted her time, when I really needed it, offered love, support and understanding, for which I am very grateful. 

And we always have topics to discuss :) Also, she is a lot of fun and entertaining and what is a nice benefit - she cooks great! Such friend is a true treasure."
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